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scoreboard country flags

Postby scumbag » 12.12.2009, 13:50

In the scoreboard shows the country's flag you connects from.

In my case that is China, because is where I am now, but I would prefer it shows other flag (Spain, for instance). Maybe the registered accounts could have a "Fighting FOR country" field, where we can select it, and show the correct flag in the scoreboard. You could also keep the current flag as "Fighting FROM country", so we know who is where.

It is possible that maybe I'm the only one that needs this function.

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Re: scoreboard country flags

Postby andi » 13.12.2009, 13:22

This seems to be good idea. Unfortunately it will not be implemented in current database. Just because i'm working on a new one with much more features :-)

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Re: scoreboard country flags

Postby Didda » 24.12.2009, 22:44

I hope you're working about some flag-stats feature, andi! :) they're very useful to learn tactics...

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