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 We're a group of 13 rather elder Cube2/Sauerbraten players and consider ourselves good friends. We all started playing Cube2/Sauerbraten in 2006/07 when the Ogro used to be the only player model and capture was the most popular game mode. We like the Sauerbraten community a lot and try to help and support it, wherever we can. We have all been members of the TC-Clan before, which one of our members founded. We also founded the first monthly contest which is propably the most famous and most traditional title to win in Sauerbraten, developed a tool with countless nifty features to watch all servers on any cube-engine-based game and created some maps that can be found in the official release. We also developed a server-mod which turned out to be very popular: the servers provide stats for registered players, are very stable, and can be watched remotely by us or our group of priviliged admins - the "Trusteds" - to make sure you have as few cheaters and annoying persons as possible.

Our only ambition is to have fun and a good time while playing. We do NOT recruit new members and hand-pick Trusteds on our initiative only. Our server-mod is not public.


Profiles of Our Members: 2008-2017