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 oo|moo was born as a human in 1984. He discovered Sauerbraten in late 2006 and played as "Jorge Luis Borges". He joined TC and especially enjoyed playing capture, his favourite game mode. Now, he also likes other tactical modes like iCTF and protect, and will rarely say no if you ask him for an efficiency duel. We do not know how he actually became a cow. Maybe it was some weird scientific experiment, maybe it was contact to nuclear waste, maybe it was some evil fairy cursing him. But we are pretty sure that it was the bite of a stupid red monkey which made him mutate into some sort of ogro-cow-hybrid. Although... this has never been confirmed. Anyway, part of his human side seems to be still alive, as he likes partying with his friends, having a barbecue and watching "The Big Lebowski".

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