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What is a demo?

A demo is a recording of a played game. It is saved in a special Sauerbraten game-format. A demo is often used to record official matches of a league (eg. PSL league), but it's possible to record any game into a demo.

How can i record a demo?

You can only record a demo, if you are a Server Admin. To start recording type

/recorddemo 1

To stop the demo recording type


How can i get the recorded demos?

Demos are stored on the server. In order to view them you have to retrieve the demos first. Be aware that the demos are keept in ram. If the server crashed or restarts, the demos are lost. Its therefore sensible to download the demos from the server as fast as possible. For this connect to the server and type


which will show a list of available demos. To download a particular demo, type

/getdemo [number]

The demo will be stored within you sauerbraten configuration directory or you sauerbraten installation directory. (depends on your operating system, file extension is .dmo) After retrieving you should remove the demos from server to save main memory. For this type


How can i watch a demo?

To watch a demo type

/demo [Name]

If you dont know the name leave the field name blank and hit the [Tab] key until the desired demo shows up. You can also follow each single player (like inspectator mode). Type

/follow [Player ID]

to have single view perspective of the player with the given id.

Where do i have to put a demo file?

If you got a demo file from an outside source, e.g. website, email you have to copy the demo into your Sauerbraten directory .../Sauerbraten/.. or into your sauerbraten configuration directory folder (~/.sauerbraten on linux) To try this out you can download demos of the PSL Games PSL Demos 2008-2017