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What is the "Sauerbraten Community"?

If you like the game and played it for a while, maybe check out what everyone calls "the Community". The Community consists of people who played and still play this game for months, many even years. They all hang out together and talk a lot to eachother, mainly via IRC. It can roughly be devided in the part of people who focus on the development of the game and its content - and the other part that focuses on playing the game. Of course many belong to both parts and actually there is no real seperation. As a start we suggest you get a simple IRC client and join #ogros, #sauer-clans and #sauercom on (Center of gaming-channels) and #sauerbraten on (center of development-related-channels). Give it some time, as there are often moments when noone speaks.


Here are some Links to Sauerbraten-related sites:

Community Sites:

Community Sites are a good place to go when you are new to the game. Here you will find many info on the game, the people playing it and many people are likely to help you with your problems. Here are some: - community for French speaking people - community for Russian speaking people

SauerCom - where sauer & community collide




One of the best things about sauer is that you can create your own maps pretty easily. All you will have to do is hit E and start editing. Most works by dragging and scrolling with your mouse sometimes combined with the push of a key, like Y or Q or G ... A small guide can be found here. Once you start becoming addicted to editing, these pages are ones you should see:

Quadropolis - THE ONE AND ONLY page for all user generated content of all Cube-based games

Cube2: sauerbraten wiki - basic and extended informations can be found there



Stuff you might want to host your own clan

Maybe you want to found your own clan. Good Idea, the more the merrier. BUT: Maybe think twice about it BEFORE YOU DO, as it takes a lot of time to run a clan and you should maybe also first find out if you'll stay at Sauerbraten. This is not to hinder you from creating one, but rather to make sure you do it at the right point, when you have gotten to know the game a little. Founding a clan should not be something you do before you have played the game for lees than 6 Months, I would dare to say. We have seen many clans popping up and then last for only a week. Anyway, these things might be helpful:

Mumble - free and open source audio chat, to chat with your clanmates while playing. Get our server account (here) and talk to other players by connecting to "". There are usually at least a few people online - in the evening-time often even more than 15.

TeamSpeak, Ventrilo - proprietory (but free) audio chat clients/servers

CSM - free clansite with many features

XSBS / hopmod - open source servermods (choose your poison). Our servermod is homemade and not public.



Cube-engine based stuff

Sauerbraten is based on the Cube2 engine which is developed open-source and which serves as a basis for various other games. Here are some of them:

Assault Cube (Cube engine)

Cube2: Red Eclipse

Cube2: Tesseract (next generation of the Cube2 engine - fully dynamic omnidirectional shadows, global illumination, HDR lighting, deferred shading, morphological/temporal/multisample anti-aliasing, and much more ...)

Sandbox Game Maker




These things are stuff, Sauerbrateners frequently visit too:

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