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Sauerbraten was played in two different leagues/ladders/tournaments:

The oldest existing one is PSL, which was a monthly tournament. IN PSL there was a day to qualify (usually last Sunday of the month) in which everyone may participate who signed up for it previously. They provided a closed source binary to prevent cheats. Every First sunday of the month was the game of the current titleholder vs. the qualifier. Usually many people watch the games. Its was a good way to see (and learn) how the best players play.

The Premier Sauerbraten League ended 2011.

"Hall of Fame 2007-2011"


The other one is the well known ESL. They started in Spring 2009. They offer ladders mostly, but also tournaments every now and then. The stats/infos and social networking on their site is excellent. Many Sauerbrateners play it. So far they do not offer any anti-cheat binary.


Besides that some clans or communities have staged occasional games, like w00p ("fragfest") or

other inactive sites have been:

- Super Sauer League

- Day of Sobriety

- SauerLeague – New Sauerbraten League 2008-2017