Update: less time - deadline sunday at noon (german time)

ogros.org runs a betting game for the Soccer WC in which you can bet on the results starting with the games on Sunday (Slovakia vs. Paraguay to be precise) up to and including the final.

The bet-game is free of charge and there is nothing to win, but the fun of becoming Sauerbraten's trusted expert when it comes to Soccer :-).


This is how it works: you create an account with the same (or at least very similar!) name as your ogros.org-account on the kicktipp-page (link at the bottom of this post). After you have done so, contact shmutz or berk in irc or send a mail to admin .(--a--t). ogros.org providing the name you signed up with at kicktipp and your ogros.org password (so we know it is you). We will confirm accounts and hook them up with the bet game at least tonight and sunday night, probably more often. Sunday at noon (german time) is your last chance to take part!

Once you are hooked up, you can already bet on every game and the one and only additional Question (don't forget to answer it!!): Who will become World Champion? This question has to be answered before the first game (Sunday, Slovakia-Paraguay, 1.30pm German time).

Each bet on all the individual games can be placed until 0 Mins before each respective game starts. You can see what the others bet once each game has started (not earlier).

Points: The Question for the right World Champion counts 5 Points. For each individual game: If you manage to have the right kind of result (A wins, draw, B wins) you get two points. If you manage to get the right tendency (A wins with 2 more goals) you get 3 Points. If you manage to exactly guess the right result, you get 4.


Spread the word!

Hope you all take part!


Link: http://www.kicktipp.de/sauer (Hit the english flag for english)