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Useful commands and settings to optimize gameplay


FPS is frames per second. Your frames per second are shown on the right-downside of the screen. You should get as many as possible. Above 60 is minimum, preferable get it to 100+.

To get it up turn off all shaders and fancy visuals (in the menu>options). The game will look a little less good, but there is a BIG performance improvement. You will notice it even when you are on a fast computer.


A bind lets you connect a certain command to a chosen key. It is activated by typing

/bind [the chosen key] [/the-command]

For example if you like to have making a screenshot on key 'E' and say the common phrase 'Sorry!' on key 'D' you would have to type:

/bind E [/screenshot]
/bind F [/say "Sorry!"]

Mouse Sensitivity

Adapt the mouse sensitivity the way you like it. Many players try optimize it that way that they can perform an exact 180 degree turn with what is the maximum movement in your wrist. To see your current setting type


In order to change it, type


/sensitivity [number]

The sensivitiy scale scales the effect of an increase or decrease in the sensitivity value. The larger the value, the smaller the difference between sensitivity values. To see your current setting type


in order to change it type

/sensitivityscale [number]

Mouse acceleration

Read all about mouse acceleration here:

Field of View

Field of view (FOV) is the angle on which you view. You could compare it with a photographic lens. Field of view has a range from 10 to 150, where 10 is zoomed in at closest and 150 is widest angle.

/fov [number (10-150)] 2008-2017