Sauerleague - Ogros

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We host several Cube2/Sauerbraten game servers. They are always online. Connect to one of them through the in-game serverbrowser or by typing (in-game):

/connect 15000 - 1 (public)
/connect 25000 - 2 (public)

/connect 10000 - 1 (public)
/connect 20000 - 2 (public)
/connect 30000 - 3 (not public)


The servers are modded. They automatically kick people that kill too many teammates, warn publically if you have an altered map, etc.

You can not take master status on our public servers unless you get an auth-key from eihrul. If you take master via /auth please be a responsible master and do not kick without warning nor without reason. Be aware, that the server is modded and we will be able to see who you kicked, your IP, etc.

If you see something on the servers, that you believe we should know, go to our IRC to-go. If someone is there, we will get on the server and sort things out. Please understand that we are not always there nor have always the time to come. Use our names in IRC when adressing us ("highlighting"), this rather catches our attention.


Rules For Players:

1. No names that relate to ethnicity, nazi-stuff, etc.
2. Do not teamkill. Only shoot reds.
3. Act friendly and use appropriate language.
4. You are not allowed to use a modified client on our servers and will be kicked if it affects your gameplay.
5. No excessive camping, no spawn-killing.


Rules for masters:

1. Act responsible and understandable.
2. No kicking without a reason. ALWAYS warn before you kick except for OBVIOUS cheaters (infinite shooting, jump-hacks, etc).People who don't seem to die or move strangely are not cheating usually, but have a bad ping (or even worse, a pj sthat is not stable).
3. No kicking for a bad ping. Ask the ones to leave, give hints how to improve the ping (end downloads running, etc).
4. No kicking for temporarily bad language that does not get personally insulting. We really don't appreciate bad language, but it is a part of the FPS-culture. Everyone gets angry sometimes. However, if someone permanently attacks others and obviosly just tries to destroy the fun on the server, ask him to shut up - and if he continues kick him. But: be tolerant, wait a while.
5. No kicking for teamkilling: The autokick does the job. This does not apply to intentional teamkilling. It's allowed to kick intentional teamkillers after a warning.
6. Don't kick unnameds. Explain to them how they have to change their name.
7. Reasons to kick (after warning): excessive spamming, discriminating jokes or names (e.g. nazi-stuff, ethnicity related stuff) and anything similar offensive. 2008-2017