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too many of you play sauerbraten with too bad setting to get better. there are easy ways to change this.

1. Get your framerate (fps) right! and make sauer run fast

if you don´t - you won´t even see what superb players do with you to frag you. i´m dead serious.

if you are on a macbook or on a mac mini you´ll have a hard time reaching 60fps or more. but those 60fps can be sufficient.

ok, there are two game-tweaking-philisophys (see the answers to this post below).

1st: You can adjust the framerate of the game to the framerate of the monitor.
this way the computer only calculates in the same speed you are able to see things on the monitor. any information is only checked processed and retrieen at the fps of you monitor (including your mouse, movement, etc)
is that you do not loose any frames and don´t need more CPU power than necessary for this particular framerate.
Every map is likely to have the same FPS which is helpful for your "feeling".

what you need to do:
add the followung to the "advanced options" line in the LAUNCHER:
then do a) b) c) just as described under 2nd.

2nd: You can try to maximize the FPS as much as possible.

the fps will vary on many maps, making it hard to have a comparable "feeling" for all maps.
partiall useless as you won´t see faster as your monitor framerate.
more CPU usage.

godd players will recognize a differnce if the game clocks faster than the monitor, because all movements will be checked more often, meaning movement, mice input, etc is faster.

what you need to do:
a) turn shader quality and FSAA to 0 in the launcher
b) turn off as much of the fancy *bling-bling* stuff in the in-game options, especially make sure that in the menu options>shaders everthing is turned off, except for model glow
c) lower the window-size until you get the desired framerate.

to say it eplicitly: i play rather and MUCH BETTER at 640x480 with the right fps than with a big window and a low fps. test it for yourself.

2. optimize your mouse!!!

this optimization is based on a few steps of the guide for windows and CS:S which can be found here: ... guide.html

1. most important: turn off the mouse acceleration:
-Open Terminal (programms>utilities>terminal)
-enter (apple-c, apple-v) the following line:
defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1
-hit enter, turn off terminal-Log out and back in or restart the Mac.


2. If you use a gaming mouse, set it to full resolution, this will make your movements faster everywhere, therefore: in OS X system preferences turn the mouse acceleration setting to what you have been used to before.

3. start Cube 2 and change optimize the sensitivity:
- to see the current value, type /sensitivity
- to change it, enter a value after /sensitivity
- most "pro"-players use a setting in which the maximum movement that you can do with the mouse in your wrist (from middle to one side) equals an exact 180 degree turn in the game.

3. Optimize your monitor (if possible):

get the highest frame rate as possible there too.

4. TEST your new skills. :-)
it might take some time to get accustomed to the new settings, but: you´re fragging more now, ain´t you?

have fun
;-) 2008-2017