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Getting the SVN version for OSX takes some time. If you do it for the first time, expect the whole process to take at least 1,5 hours as 1 GB of data has to be downloaded and the installation of Xcode as well as the Compiling/Creating th App takes a while. This Guide is for 10.4 and above and Intel ONLY!


How to get the SVN version (for the first time):

1. Grab your OS X CD and install XCode. ("XCodeTools.mpkg", usually under "optional installs" or "extras" on the OS X disk or the "Installation Disc 1" your Mac came with). Update it after installation to get the newest version you can have. Installing and updating may take quite a while, like 25 Minutes.

2. While this installs, download and install the latest release of RapidSVN ( It's the only free client that is not a complete pain-in-the-ass though not much better (a list of some clients for OS X can be found here, "Versions" and "Cornerstone" are the best). Open it.

3. Ctrl-click (= right click) on Bookmark / Lesezeichen and choose Check out new working copy / Neue Arbeitskopie auschecken.

4. In the new window that appears, enter as URL

5. In the same window choose the folder you want the source-files of Sauerbraten ("local working copy") to be in, leave everything else as is and hit OK. This will now take a while as 1GB of data have to be transferred.

6. After that mak sure that your Active Built Configuration is set to Release-Deployment. Under 10.6: Project > SetActive Built Configuration and check Release-Deployment.

7. hit Build>Build from the menu. If you should get asked where the Build Products should be placed to, choose something simple outside of the local working copy, maybe your desktop. The Build process will likely take another 5-20 minutes (depending on your Mac's speed). Once its done you will find the full SVN Sauerbraten app on your desktop in build/Release-Deployment/sauerbraten.dmg. Double click on the .dmg so it mounts and drag and drop the app where you want to have it, but don't overwrite the your non-SVN version with it - you would really regret that! Keep it somewhere seperate, so you know its the SVN version. Maybe best rename it.

NOTE: Sauerbraten is under constant development. The SVN version of Sauerbraten that you've just created will usually only work for today without creating problems or missing features. You will have to update your working copy (see below) and Build a new Sauerbraten app (20-30 Minutes) each time you want to play it online again.


How to update the SVN version (you'll have to do that every time right before you want to play it):

1. Start RapidSVN.

2. Click on your Bookmark for your Sauerbraten on the left. Click on the Update icon (blue arrow pointing downwards). If The Update option is unavailable/grey, then you have to hit the triangle right next to your bookmark for some magic reason so you can hit the update Icon...

3. Perform steps 6, 7 from above (= compile and postprocess the app, takes approx 5-20 minutes). 2008-2017