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Here come our tips and tricks. As Cube2/Sauerbraten ist continously developed, some tips and tricks might have changed since we wrote them down here, they might require you to look for something similar, or they even might not work anymore. We nevertheless hope this colection here is a big help. Feel Free to link to this page from your forum or homepage.

For Players who are new to Cube2/Sauerbraten

If you are new to Cube2/Sauerbraten, sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find out. This is especially true in this game as it is developed open source and continously. We hope to have some things here that save you some time. If you cant find your problem here, take a minute to describe it to us in our Forum and help others this way as we will likely include it in here.

We assume you have already found out the Keys W, A, S, D move you, the mouse heads the direction and you shoot with your left mouse key. You will also already have found out that the scrollwheel and 1-4 change your weapons. Here are some other keys that will be useful:

T - opens up the so called "console" and allows you to chat with the others. it can also be used to enter commands. For this you just start your line with a / (game related) or a # (special features on some servers). Examples: /team good sets you in team good, #stats shows you your stats on servers that support it. A list of most available commands can be found here.

R - pics up ammo when close to a blue base in Capture, and drops the flag in all CTF and Protect modes.

E - changes you to edit mode, find out about editing in Cube2/Sauerbraten here.

Its also a good ide to follow good players who are on top of the scoreboard every time to learn from how they play and what they do. Just enter /spectator 1 in game, then toggle to the one you want to spec and enter /scpectator 0 if you want to go on playing.


Here are some other basic guides:

  • Map Editing (Video Tutorial)

    You can create your own maps and even publish them at Quadropolis, which is a website for all self-made maps of all Cube2-engine based games. It is a lot of fun and very easy. If they are good, they might even be an official map in the next release. The better you get, the more you will want to know about all available commands. They can be found here.

  • Optimize Game Performance
  • More FPS
  • shmutz's Mac Tips

    As long as the little fps-counter on the lower right does not average above 60 on all maps you will have a disadvantage. Learn how to improve your FPS without an hardware changes and much more in this tutorial.


For frequent Cube2/Sauerbraten Players

If you are a frequent Cube2/Sauerbraten player, you may be interested in what other players have with regard to nifty tools, where they hang out etc. This is what could be of interest for you:

The easiest way to get in touch with the rest of the community is to get a free IRC client (a list of them all can be found here) and connect to some channels. Maybe have the IRC just running for a day or two and to really see whats going on there. A frirst suggeston besides our channel (#ogros at would be #sauerbraten at or #sauer-clans at Then look at the whois-info of others you like and find out what channels they are in else.


  • CSL (Cube Server Lister) Discontinued

The best tool for Sauerbraten is CSL - and its really a must-have. It allows you to watch the servers, look for people on them, see all their scores, Frags, etc and hop onto a certain server just by double klicking on it. You can customize it in every way just by dragging and dropping and always have a feature-rich list of things when you right click on something. Almost everyone uses it and its free. The official CSL Homepage offers the latest major version which is unfortunately quite outdated. But: Here you can alway find the links to the most current "nightlies" (=development versions):

This version is the current "nightly", meaning it is not a stable version but just the current "status quo" of CSL. Many features will not work yet, even ones you already know from previous versions, especially like starting Sauerbraten on doubleklick (OS X). The IRC support is only very basic at this time, etc.

WARNING: This version is Work in Progress. Use at your own risk. No liability for any damages.

Download Version
works with Cube2/Sauerbraten (Trooper Edition)

Windows (click to Download)
Mac (click to Download)
Linux (You will find the newest Version in the SVN)


Use a diffrent skin for your enemies and teammates


If you want to be able to watch a game again or collect some source material for a video, you might want to record a demo. A demo is a file that contains all the data about a game in it. If you execute the demo, you will be able to watch the game all over again just the way it was when it really happened.



For the ones who want to know it all


Cube2/sauerbraten is under constant development, which means, the version you play is only the latest official release. You can take a look at whats coming by using SVN and downloading the latest work in progress, compile it for your operating system and play it.


Many create their own GUI-menu to easily perform tasks they often have to perform. Find out how to create such a GUI. 2008-2017