Sauerleague - Ogros

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The SauerbratenCollect Edition 2013 Version is finally released with a lot of new features (new maps, modes..)


But we also implement some new features on our Servers which we want to present here -> 

Server commands
The most used command on our server is #stats but there a lot of more commands !
For example try out some new gamemodes  like arena mode or new insta modes (e.g. rocket insta )

Check out HERE for all commands which can be used on oo|mod servers (oo/PSL/TC/DM) e.g. new gamemode features 

NEW PSL Server
We also released a new PSL fun server : PSL Demolition.
This server changes the game mode rotation automatically between effic ctf and effic collect.

PSL Demolition
Port : 6666
/connect 6666

We started this server after some ideas and feedback from the community. For more Info about PSL Demolition and any suggestions can be made on this FORUM THREAD. 2008-2017