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Here is a sample for a autoexec.cfg :

We created this sample for all who have problems to create a autoexec.cfg for their accounts.


Unzip it and copy  the autoexec.cfg to your sauerbraten folder. Then include your account data instead of Yourname/YourPW (but don't delete the quotation marks " " ) then

Then you have 3 Binds

F7 = You will connect to PSL 1 Server and you will also be logged in with your account
F8 = You will connect to ogros 2 Server and you will also be logged in with your account
F10 = You can login with your account if you're connected to the PSL/ogros/TC Server

If you want more of these connecting Binds you can include this to your autoexec.cfg. If you add more then one of these binds use a diffrent key instead of F9

ogros 1
bind "F9" "connect 10000 ($autho)"

bind "F9" "connect 30000 ($autho)"

bind "F9" "connect 20000 ($autho)"

bind "F9" "connect 10010 ($autho)"

bind "F9" "connect 10020 ($autho)"

bind "F9" "connect 10030 ($autho)"

too many of you play sauerbraten with too bad setting to get better. there are easy ways to change this.

1. Get your framerate (fps) right! and make sauer run fast

if you don´t - you won´t even see what superb players do with you to frag you. i´m dead serious.

if you are on a macbook or on a mac mini you´ll have a hard time reaching 60fps or more. but those 60fps can be sufficient.

ok, there are two game-tweaking-philisophys (see the answers to this post below).

1st: You can adjust the framerate of the game to the framerate of the monitor.
this way the computer only calculates in the same speed you are able to see things on the monitor. any information is only checked processed and retrieen at the fps of you monitor (including your mouse, movement, etc)
is that you do not loose any frames and don´t need more CPU power than necessary for this particular framerate.
Every map is likely to have the same FPS which is helpful for your "feeling".

what you need to do:
add the followung to the "advanced options" line in the LAUNCHER:
then do a) b) c) just as described under 2nd.

2nd: You can try to maximize the FPS as much as possible.

the fps will vary on many maps, making it hard to have a comparable "feeling" for all maps.
partiall useless as you won´t see faster as your monitor framerate.
more CPU usage.

godd players will recognize a differnce if the game clocks faster than the monitor, because all movements will be checked more often, meaning movement, mice input, etc is faster.

what you need to do:
a) turn shader quality and FSAA to 0 in the launcher
b) turn off as much of the fancy *bling-bling* stuff in the in-game options, especially make sure that in the menu options>shaders everthing is turned off, except for model glow
c) lower the window-size until you get the desired framerate.

to say it eplicitly: i play rather and MUCH BETTER at 640x480 with the right fps than with a big window and a low fps. test it for yourself.

2. optimize your mouse!!!

this optimization is based on a few steps of the guide for windows and CS:S which can be found here: ... guide.html

1. most important: turn off the mouse acceleration:
-Open Terminal (programms>utilities>terminal)
-enter (apple-c, apple-v) the following line:
defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1
-hit enter, turn off terminal-Log out and back in or restart the Mac.


2. If you use a gaming mouse, set it to full resolution, this will make your movements faster everywhere, therefore: in OS X system preferences turn the mouse acceleration setting to what you have been used to before.

3. start Cube 2 and change optimize the sensitivity:
- to see the current value, type /sensitivity
- to change it, enter a value after /sensitivity
- most "pro"-players use a setting in which the maximum movement that you can do with the mouse in your wrist (from middle to one side) equals an exact 180 degree turn in the game.

3. Optimize your monitor (if possible):

get the highest frame rate as possible there too.

4. TEST your new skills. :-)
it might take some time to get accustomed to the new settings, but: you´re fragging more now, ain´t you?

have fun

The framerate CUBE 2 runs with can be essential to become better once your skills semm to be maxed out. to be honest: if your framerate ever drops below 60 on maps that eat much fps, you should think about following some of the following hints to get a higher fps. its not that you are unable to play, but you are not able to be as good as others with the exact same skill that have a framerate of 160+ all the time.

here is what you can do:

- start sauer at a smaller resolution. 800x500 or 600 will work fine and just appear a bit more pixelish. anything more than 1200 is really unnecessary.
to do so with windows: rightclick on the sauerbraten.bat > edit and enter for example "-w640 -h480" after "bin/sauerbraten.exe"

- turn anti-aliasing off by starting sauerbraten with the parameter -a0
windows: rightclick on the sauerbraten.bat > edit and enter "-a0" after "bin/sauerbraten.exe"
mac: turn the launcher's switch to "off"

- turn off almost ALL gfx (graphical effects) in the menu (esc>options>gfx) so it looks like in the picture below. i have model glow turned on, as it eats almost nothing but helps you identify your enemies a lot. it is propably most important that you turn off shaders (the first point in the gfx-tab. make sure by entering /shaders 0 in game


- use the old playermdel ogro, as the ogro ist faster to render
to do so: choose ogro in the options tab

- if you are on a computer with a rather old graphics card, try to start sauer with 16 bit colors by adding these parameters:
-b16 -z24
windows: right click on sauerbraten.bat > edit > add the parameters after "bin/sauerbraten.exe -r"
mac: enter the parameters in the field "advanced options" of the launcher

- turn hudguns off with the command /hudgun
to do that, enter /hudgun 0 in-game, and /hudgun 1 to get them back

- if this all still does not get you the fps you want test to enter the following commands in-game:
/texreduce 6 - to turn it off again: /texreduce 0
this will also make the map "cleaner" so enemies are easier to spot - but you will also have mor difficulties measuring distances
you can also test the following commands if they improve the fps:
/maxtexsize 128 for cards with less than 64 MB
/texcompress 128 for cards with less than 64 MB
reduce the value for /maxparticles in a way that does not bother you

Hope your framerate is better now. Enjoy it!

There is also a cubewiki entry with similar tricks here:

snoutx10k Skins

Here are some skins for the that you can use for Cube 2, its really easy to use if you follow our little guide :

1. Download your skin
2. Unzipp it
3. Copy the files to your SauerbratenTropper\packages\models\snoutx10k\ folder and replace the current ones
4. Now you can start Cube2 and play with that skins

Team Skins :





Enemy Skins

red skin







The Mumble clan channels are available only to users which are in a special group. A clan channel admin can add and remove users from this group.

First step

  • Right click on the channel you want to modify the user list and choose "Edit ACL"

Second step

  • Switch to the "Groups" view
  • Now you can modify the group list:
    • Add a user by entering the username in the inputbox and press "Add"
    • Remove a user by selecting the name in the list and press "Remove"

Quick Links -> For details use menu on the left.
Tutorials : SVN Tutorial (Win) SVN Tutorial (Mac)  Map Editing
General :  Weapons, Shields & Health All about Demos 
Get better in Cube 2 : Optimize Game Performance More FPS shmutz's Mac Tips
Mods : snoutx10k skins Your own GUI-menu autoexec.cfg sample

Here come our tips and tricks. As Cube2/Sauerbraten ist continously developed, some tips and tricks might have changed since we wrote them down here, they might require you to look for something similar, or they even might not work anymore. We nevertheless hope this colection here is a big help. Feel Free to link to this page from your forum or homepage.

For Players who are new to Cube2/Sauerbraten

If you are new to Cube2/Sauerbraten, sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find out. This is especially true in this game as it is developed open source and continously. We hope to have some things here that save you some time. If you cant find your problem here, take a minute to describe it to us in our Forum and help others this way as we will likely include it in here.

We assume you have already found out the Keys W, A, S, D move you, the mouse heads the direction and you shoot with your left mouse key. You will also already have found out that the scrollwheel and 1-4 change your weapons. Here are some other keys that will be useful:

T - opens up the so called "console" and allows you to chat with the others. it can also be used to enter commands. For this you just start your line with a / (game related) or a # (special features on some servers). Examples: /team good sets you in team good, #stats shows you your stats on servers that support it. A list of most available commands can be found here.

R - pics up ammo when close to a blue base in Capture, and drops the flag in all CTF and Protect modes.

E - changes you to edit mode, find out about editing in Cube2/Sauerbraten here.

Its also a good ide to follow good players who are on top of the scoreboard every time to learn from how they play and what they do. Just enter /spectator 1 in game, then toggle to the one you want to spec and enter /scpectator 0 if you want to go on playing.


Here are some other basic guides:

  • Map Editing (Video Tutorial)

    You can create your own maps and even publish them at Quadropolis, which is a website for all self-made maps of all Cube2-engine based games. It is a lot of fun and very easy. If they are good, they might even be an official map in the next release. The better you get, the more you will want to know about all available commands. They can be found here.

  • Optimize Game Performance
  • More FPS
  • shmutz's Mac Tips

    As long as the little fps-counter on the lower right does not average above 60 on all maps you will have a disadvantage. Learn how to improve your FPS without an hardware changes and much more in this tutorial.


For frequent Cube2/Sauerbraten Players

If you are a frequent Cube2/Sauerbraten player, you may be interested in what other players have with regard to nifty tools, where they hang out etc. This is what could be of interest for you:

The easiest way to get in touch with the rest of the community is to get a free IRC client (a list of them all can be found here) and connect to some channels. Maybe have the IRC just running for a day or two and to really see whats going on there. A frirst suggeston besides our channel (#ogros at would be #sauerbraten at or #sauer-clans at Then look at the whois-info of others you like and find out what channels they are in else.


  • CSL (Cube Server Lister) Discontinued

The best tool for Sauerbraten is CSL - and its really a must-have. It allows you to watch the servers, look for people on them, see all their scores, Frags, etc and hop onto a certain server just by double klicking on it. You can customize it in every way just by dragging and dropping and always have a feature-rich list of things when you right click on something. Almost everyone uses it and its free. The official CSL Homepage offers the latest major version which is unfortunately quite outdated. But: Here you can alway find the links to the most current "nightlies" (=development versions):

This version is the current "nightly", meaning it is not a stable version but just the current "status quo" of CSL. Many features will not work yet, even ones you already know from previous versions, especially like starting Sauerbraten on doubleklick (OS X). The IRC support is only very basic at this time, etc.

WARNING: This version is Work in Progress. Use at your own risk. No liability for any damages.

Download Version
works with Cube2/Sauerbraten (Trooper Edition)

Windows (click to Download)
Mac (click to Download)
Linux (You will find the newest Version in the SVN)


Use a diffrent skin for your enemies and teammates


If you want to be able to watch a game again or collect some source material for a video, you might want to record a demo. A demo is a file that contains all the data about a game in it. If you execute the demo, you will be able to watch the game all over again just the way it was when it really happened.



For the ones who want to know it all


Cube2/sauerbraten is under constant development, which means, the version you play is only the latest official release. You can take a look at whats coming by using SVN and downloading the latest work in progress, compile it for your operating system and play it.


Many create their own GUI-menu to easily perform tasks they often have to perform. Find out how to create such a GUI.


What you might want to test is to talk to other players while playing. This a real fun, and best of all its completely FREE and just a matter of minutes if you got a headset (or headphones and a mic in your computer).

This is a complete Walkthrough-Guide for our public Mumble channel made under OS X, but almost all the steps are exactly the same under WINDOWS and GNOME/KDE (linux).

For Mac users: your mac has a built in mic, which works just fine. just plug in some headphones and start. Many newer PC-Computers do as well. All others: get a cheap headset for 5-10 Dollars/Euro.

Mac Users can take a look at this Link to find out how to setup Mumble

  1. alt

    If you don't have already - create a server account on our homepage (in the left menu: "Server Registration"). the account also works for our mumble server.just enter the required data, and wait for the reply. it may take some hours as this has to be checked and approved by one of our admins (spam prevention).


  2. Go to the Mumble Homepage and download the latest stable Mumble-release.


  3. Once this is done install Mumble. On a mac this works like this: doubleclick on the downloaded file in your download-window. A window like this appears:


    Drag and drop the Mumble icon onto the Applications Icon.

  4. Go to your Applications Folder and start Mumble by double-clicking on it.


    Press "yes" and "continue".

  5. On the first setting-screen use the default audio drivers if you are unsure. you may switch on echo-cancellation (to reduce echos, especially if your heaphones/hedset emmit a lot of noise or you are semi-deaf and they are very loud nevertheless). Check "enable positional audio if you want to hear other players in-game from the direction they are in-game.


  6. Turn down the ms-value to 20. you still need to hear the described sound.


  7. Go to your sound tab (Mac: hit the apple in the upper left corner of your SCREEN > System Preferences > Sound) and turn up the input volume...

    alt much as necessary as described on the next screen. in my case this meant turning it to maximum.


  8. Just follow the instructions on the next screen


  9. The next screen is the Login-screen. Enter the name and password as provided by Ogros. the server is leave the port as is. Then hit ADD first so the stuff gets saved as a profile and then CONNECT.


  10. doubleclick on the Channel "Lobby" to talk to the others. If this does not work, drag and drop yourself to the Lobby. And if even that should not work, ask someone to drag you into the Lobby (via IRC or elsewhere).


  11. If you want your own channel for your clan, talk to us in IRC. We will open up a channel and explain to one of you (your leader) how he can give the priviliges to all other members, remove them, etc so you can do everything further on your own.

Mac Users can take a look at this Link to find out how to setup Mumble



alt Damage: 30
Max ammo: 60 (20 per clip)
Advantage: fast shooting
Disadvantage: not accurate at long range, ammo runs out fast
Usage: close-combat, mid-range combat.


alt Damage: Max. 120
Max ammo: 15 (5 per clip)
Advantage: good damage, indirect hitting of enemy by targetting the feet
Disadvantage: risk of self injury
Usage: mid-range combat, distant combat, rocket jumps


alt Damage: Max. 90 usually 40-60
Max ammo: 30 (10 per clip)
Advantage: trap enemy in rooms
Disadvantage: risk of self-injury, hard to control
Usage: small and closed areas, mid-range combat, gren jumps


alt Damage: Max. 200
Max ammo: 30 (10 per clip)
Advantage: high chance of hitting, high damage, one shot one kill when next to enemy
Disadvantage: slow reload
Usage: close-combat, sometimes mid-range combat


alt Damage: 100
Max ammo: 15 (5 per clip)
Advantage: high damage, very accurate (snipe rifle)
Disadvantage: slow reload, needs good aim, has a maximum range
Usage: mid-range combat, distant-combat


alt Damage: 35
Max ammo: 120 (40 per clip)
Advantage: alot of ammo, always equipped
Disadvantage: not accurate at long range (half spread of machine gun)
Usage: very useful to shoot at dead player bodies


alt Damage: 50
Max ammo: unlimited
Advantage: always equipped, fast reload, can sometimes kill fast (when enemy is cornered)
Disadvantage: low damage, have to get next to people to use it, so you are easy target
Usage: for having fun ;)


Start-health is 100.


image of healthIncrease health by 25 points.


Maximum health gets increased by 10 points. Up to 1000 max health points are possible. Will last for one game only.


Startshield: blue (25) or green (100) (depends on gamemode). With some model(s) you can see the opponent's type of shield by looking at his arm.


Image of blue shieldShields: 25 / 50 (depends on game mode), not available as pickup item
Damage gets divided: 2:1. eg when damage is 30 you loose 20 health and 10 shield.


alt Shields: 100
Damage gets divided: 1:1. eg. when damage is 20, you loose 10 health and 10 shield.


altShields: 200
Damage gets divided: 1:3. eg. when damage is 20, you loose 5 health and 15 shield.


alt 4 x Damage
Duration: 20 seconds

Step by Step Download Guide for Windows



What's SVN Version?

SVN stands "for Subversion". Its a method for the developers to build up the Sauerbraten Project.


Useful commands and settings to optimize gameplay


FPS is frames per second. Your frames per second are shown on the right-downside of the screen. You should get as many as possible. Above 60 is minimum, preferable get it to 100+.

To get it up turn off all shaders and fancy visuals (in the menu>options). The game will look a little less good, but there is a BIG performance improvement. You will notice it even when you are on a fast computer.


A bind lets you connect a certain command to a chosen key. It is activated by typing

/bind [the chosen key] [/the-command]

For example if you like to have making a screenshot on key 'E' and say the common phrase 'Sorry!' on key 'D' you would have to type:

/bind E [/screenshot]
/bind F [/say "Sorry!"]

Mouse Sensitivity

Adapt the mouse sensitivity the way you like it. Many players try optimize it that way that they can perform an exact 180 degree turn with what is the maximum movement in your wrist. To see your current setting type


In order to change it, type


/sensitivity [number]

The sensivitiy scale scales the effect of an increase or decrease in the sensitivity value. The larger the value, the smaller the difference between sensitivity values. To see your current setting type


in order to change it type

/sensitivityscale [number]

Mouse acceleration

Read all about mouse acceleration here:

Field of View

Field of view (FOV) is the angle on which you view. You could compare it with a photographic lens. Field of view has a range from 10 to 150, where 10 is zoomed in at closest and 150 is widest angle.

/fov [number (10-150)]

Custom Sauerbraten menu




This is only a short description for easy commands ;) 



1. First create in your Sauerbraten Folder the file "autoexec.cfg" with a text editor. (do NOT use Microsoft Word, use a plain text editor)
2. Open your autoexec.cfg and enter /bind "F5" "showgui Menu"
- Now You have made a bind that opens your GUI menu. (You can also enter another key to bind this or give another name for your GUI.)
3. Now you can start with your first gui, on our example the gui is called "Menu" so you have to enter now:
newgui "Menu" [
4. After this you can enter your commands:

guibutton = You can bind a command
example guibutton "Connect TC" "/connect"
guibutton ["TEXT"] ["COMMAND"]
guititle= You can text in your gui
example guititle "COMMANDS" guititle ["TEXT"]
guibar = You can create a bar
example guibar

guitab = Creates a new menu tab [COLOR=orange]example[/COLOR]
guitab Master
guitab ["TEXT"] After this you can enter other commands for the Master tab

5. If you have entered all your commands you end your list with: ]
6. Here is an example of an autoexec.cfg

/bind "F5" "showgui Menu"
newgui "Menu" [
guibutton "Connect TC" "connect"
guititle "Says"
guibutton "Red=Enemy Blue=Friend" "say RED = Enemy ---- Blue = Teammate"
guibutton "Waffe an Flagge" "say Press R to get a weapon arround the blue Flaggs"
guitab "Master"
guibutton "setmaster 1" "setmaster 1"
guibutton "Mastermode 2" "mastermode 2"
guibutton "Mastermode 3" "mastermode 3"

7. For any questions ask in our Sauerbraten Forum :)

Useful info on the different game-modes



- It's a teamgame
- Time Limit 15 Min
- Respawn Time 10 sec
- Capture all Bases to win the Round
- Don't kill Teammates
- You start with 100 health and 100 armor
- Captured Bases counts points for your Team
- After 15 Min, the Team with the highest points wins the Round
- You can get weapons arround your blue flag, by pressing R
- The Flags reload every 15 sec the weapons, when its captured
- One Flag can reload only 4x ammo for a weapon



- It's a teamgame
- Time Limit 15 Min
- No Respawn Time
- Capture all Bases to win the Round
- Don't kill Teammates
- You start with 100 health
- Captured Bases counts points for your Team
- After 15 Min, the Team with the highest points wins the Round
- You get weapons by standig at your blue flag
- You can get health and armor by standig at your blue flag
- The Flags have unless ammo of one weapon



- It's a teamgame
- Time Limit 15 Min
- 5 sec Respawn Time
- Capture all Bases to win the Round
- Don't kill Teammates
- You start with 1 health and 100 rifle ammo
- Captured Bases counts points for your Team
- After 15 Min, the Team with the highest points wins the Round



- Time Limit 10 Min
- No Respawn Time
- Frag as much you can
- You start with 1 health and 100 rifle ammo
- After 10 Min, the player with the highest frags wins the Round


Coop Edit

- Its not a Game Mode - Its a Mode to create new Sauerbraten Maps
- No Time Limit
- No Respawn Time
- Don't frag people if they are build together



- Time Limit 10 Min
- No Respawn Time
- Frag as much you can
- You start with 100 health and a pistol
- Collect weapons on the map
- After 10 Min, the player with the highest frags wins the Round



- Time Limit 10 Min
- No Respawn Time
- Frag as much you can
- You start with 100 health and 100 armor
- You start with all weapons
- After 10 Min, the player with the highest frags wins the Round



- It's a teamgame
- Time Limit 10 Min
- Respawn Time 10secs
- Capture the enemy flag and return it to your flag
- Don't kill Teammates
- You start with 100 health and 50 armor
- The first team with 10 points wins the round
- After 10 Min, the Team with the highest points wins the Round



- It's a teamgame
- Time Limit 10 Min
- Respawn Time 5secs
- Capture the enemy flag and return it to your flag
- Don't kill Teammates
- You start with 1 hp
- You only have the rifle as weapon - The first team with 10 points wins the round
- After 10 Min, the Team with the highest points wins the Round

Map editing for beginners.



The Alive team have created some excellent tutorial videos on getting started with map editing.
Here they are all in one page. Big thanks to Alive Team for making these vids!





















What is a demo?

A demo is a recording of a played game. It is saved in a special Sauerbraten game-format. A demo is often used to record official matches of a league (eg. PSL league), but it's possible to record any game into a demo.

How can i record a demo?

You can only record a demo, if you are a Server Admin. To start recording type

/recorddemo 1

To stop the demo recording type


How can i get the recorded demos?

Demos are stored on the server. In order to view them you have to retrieve the demos first. Be aware that the demos are keept in ram. If the server crashed or restarts, the demos are lost. Its therefore sensible to download the demos from the server as fast as possible. For this connect to the server and type


which will show a list of available demos. To download a particular demo, type

/getdemo [number]

The demo will be stored within you sauerbraten configuration directory or you sauerbraten installation directory. (depends on your operating system, file extension is .dmo) After retrieving you should remove the demos from server to save main memory. For this type


How can i watch a demo?

To watch a demo type

/demo [Name]

If you dont know the name leave the field name blank and hit the [Tab] key until the desired demo shows up. You can also follow each single player (like inspectator mode). Type

/follow [Player ID]

to have single view perspective of the player with the given id.

Where do i have to put a demo file?

If you got a demo file from an outside source, e.g. website, email you have to copy the demo into your Sauerbraten directory .../Sauerbraten/.. or into your sauerbraten configuration directory folder (~/.sauerbraten on linux) To try this out you can download demos of the PSL Games PSL Demos 2008-2017